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I want to say thank you for doing my chart! I definitely got a little teary eyed about the accuracy. I am only familiar with my Aries sun sign but the rest of your interpretation explained a LOT. This was so fun and eye opening to hear you explain a few things. I read mine to my roommate and she'd love to have you do hers!


I shit on things like this all the time, I appreciate the time you took to do this, Even though I don’t really understand astrology at all, but there’s things that definitely resonted. Relationship wise I think it was really spot on…


Thank you for taking the time to do this, I really enjoyed it and listened to it twice. Everything you said resonated with me, I really needed to hear this stuff because of the new change in my life it's a nice reminder of my traits, and how far I've come in changing the ones that were to intense and not helping me relate to other people well.


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