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Inviting you to take a look at your birth chart!

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the planets at the time you took your first breath. I will discuss how those energies & current movements show up for you! A reading can tell you more about yourself, relationships & life purpose.

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I aim to take you through a path of self acceptance by explaining your birth chart potentials and make the best of significant life transits.

As a graduate of Debra Silverman's School of Applied Astrology & student of Astrology University, along with a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science, I've always been fascinated with people. 

I study astrology because time and time again it makes sense! You can learn a lot just by looking at the elements. 

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I am so so happy I got a reading like this. I am still shaking my head like so so lucky and it came in a time I really NEEDED to hear this. You are a fairy in disguise and I think this reading was right on the dot from beginning to end. I still cannot believe it. You really nailed it Ash. Now I understand myself so much better. Some things are no longer a mystery. I am fortunate to know an angel like you and it makes it more priceless and unique. Thank you thank you. Love and Light.


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