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Full Moon Aquarius. August 11, 2022

7:36 pm MT

My Awesomeness is matched only by my weirdness.

This image from a childhood friend's cover photo who passed away. Everyone in my hometown knew Bethany. Looking at her chart, I can see she was such an active minded, multi-faceted Aquarius. Known for her excelled math skills, with Sun + stellium in the 11th house of Aquarius. Grand trine in the element of air with a firecracker Aries rising, work ethic of a Capricorn moon and sweet side with a Venus in Pisces.

The Aquarius energy is all about friends, community, interconnectedness of technology. The revolutionary futurist with new outside of the box ideas has them feeling like they don't fit in. The stage of life that has the wisdom from being through it all, and the detachment of no longer caring what others think. Known as the water bearer, they pour their insights, ultimately for the progression of society.

On this day through the 14th the sun will go from squaring Uranus to opposing it. As Uranus rules Aquarius this is bringing some of that spunky, chaotic, non-conforming energy.

8/11 Venus enters Leo at 12:30 pm MT. The planet of love in the same sign as the Sun. Leo loves love!

8/11 Mars sextiles Neptune at 3:44 pm MT, bringing some energy to your spiritual practice.

Not to mention what astrologers are calling the pileup with North Node, Uranus & Mars in Taurus, changing the world as we know it. Uranus the planet of expect the unexpected, the change agent to wake you up. Mars is the activation to get things started. The North Node, is the shortcut to true soul fulfillment. The house that rules Taurus in your chart is the area of your life where you're being asked to wake up and update!

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