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New Moon 🌚 August 27, 2022

We have the sun + moon in the same sign of Virgo. ✨

Yes, Virgo typically known for its organized, perfection, compulsively serving, with self analysis, up all night to make a project first class, always there to tell you how to improve, but did you know that Virgo is an important step. It’s the bridge 🌉 between Leo and Libra. It takes what we’ve learned with acquired feedback to ultimately be in relation with others. It’s humility, simplicity and day to day living.

✨This new moon comes with a square to Mars, bringing some agitation.

+ Mars trines Mercury, bringing some energy to communication.

+ fixed T square ⏹ in the sky with good ol’ Saturn & Uranus doing their square thing of tradition & change, with Venus joining the mix maybe to bring some balance to see both sides, let’s hope. 🤞

Wherever Virgo is in your chart will determine how this energy shows up for you. ♍️

New moons are a good time for quiet, internal, self reflection. 🧘‍♀️That sneaky Virgo can have you feeling all kinds of ways you could have done things differently, but can help you declutter. Turn it over to the universe and know you are enough. ✨

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