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September 10, 2022, Full Moon in Pisces

Around 4am MT on Saturday, September 10th we the moon in Pisces and the sun in Virgo. This opposition is a full moon!

The moon will be near Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, so lots of dreamy feelings during this time. I should be equipped to tell you all about what a moon in Pisces represents, being that I was born with this placement in my 3rd house of communication. Pisces is a sweet, empathetic sign, that can feel so much for others and for animals, known to have a view with an illusion or ideal attached to it.

I've recently had my eyes open to the fact that I am getting older, in my mid life noticing changes and my friends are now the age of parents, that my parents are regular people and that we are going to die one day. These things I knew, but wouldn't hear it until it started happening. Neptune has a way of shedding light on illusions. Perhaps some of my Scorpio sun took that too far, but you get the picture.

We generally view others the way we think we are. Pisces can be associated with naivety because they are so thoughtful the best intentions from others can be assumed. On the other side of that, they may have learned the hard way by giving the benefit of the doubt, and have developed a cynical view of others, which has them feeling isolated in their sensitivities.

Pisces is a water sign. Water is associated with emotions and nonverbal feelings. The overwhelm needs time alone. When I heard Neptune is associated with damp and cold, it made sense why some may be literally drawn to swimming in water. I started swimming laps during Neptune transit to my moon last year. The movement and zero gravity feel in water along with the meditative focus on breath was just what I needed.

The intrigue of mysticism with Pisces can be so fun to entertain the thoughts of the universe beyond limits of dogma. I've been getting into ET's lately. When you have a mystical intrigue often a ton of content is to follow and unfolds to tell you more on that subject to open your mind.

Pisces is the stage of dissolving boundaries back to source, where we came from. It's misty, hazy and trippy. It's like that moment between sleep and awake when you don't know where you are, and the memory of the dream you had is still vivid in your mind. Pisces, intangible arts such as music, dance, film and photography.

That's why this full moon sextile Uranus could give us a creative insight for change. With Uranus still squaring Saturn, there could be changes you don't want and hard to make changes you do want.

With the sun in Virgo, this is a good time for decluttering, harvesting, mediating and finding your inner Pisces of genuine thoughtfulness for other sentient beings.

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