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Full Moon Aries. October 20, 2021.

Perspectives. Filters. Guards. 👊 These are the mechanisms we instill for protection. Like in the movie Inception, it's a built in defense as if we paid for the service as an added feature. We originally created parts of ourselves to protect the tender souls we really are 🧚‍♀️ even if they no longer serve the purpose, they are familiar, they become our personality. We put them on involuntarily depending on the need. Whether it be an actual conflict, social acceptance or to appear nonchalant. 😎

These filters are tried on, kept on, layered on and replaced throughout our life. We look towards others for connection to know our truth & accept us = love. 👩‍❤️‍👩 There are times when we are viewed from a perspective we are not aware. Like being in a Nordstrom dressing room with extra mirrors, from the rear 45 degree angle. 🧐 The shadow self. Luke Skywalker entering the very cave he feared. 🧟‍♂️ Projection leads to the shadow self. 🌑

You can actually talk to these parts, ask them what they want or thank them for serving their purpose. It's called Parts therapy or Internal Family Systems.

Your moon 🌙 sign represents your emotional temperament. It's how you react with you're pushed up against a wall, painted in a corner or as I say cornered like a feral cat. 🙀

We are at a full moon in Aries ♈️ on 10/20. A person born with a moon in Aries has emotions in the element of fire. 🔥They may be impulsive, impatient & blunt. Being independent, in frustration, they may say - I'll do it myself! Often that outrage is a protection from the hurt they feel. With the Sun in Libra, ♎️ this creates an opposition ⬅️➡️ as Libra is all about cooperation with others holding. 🙌 As Debra Silverman says at worst this is a war. One is independent. One is codependent. At best, this is leadership. ✨

My goal with astrology, is to help people look beyond the filters, perspectives & protections created, to get to the core of what we are all doing here in this place called life. We go about our day in circular 🔁 patterns getting eaten up by nothing, yet rarely discuss what is all really means. ✨ 💖

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