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Full Moon in Gemini. December 18, 2021

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Gemini, the active mind. It is versatile, agile & intellectually curious. In its mutable mode, it's on the move & multitasking.

Gemini is air, it is communication. Ruled by Mercury, known as the mythological god, Hermes served as the messenger for the gods. With a restless mind he would get bored easily & was known as the trickster.

On the low road, the Gemini archetype can talk all day & talk about nothing. It is gossip and TMI. It's the gift of the gab. It manipulates for fun, just to see what you'll do! On the high road, its poetic poignancy can put thoughts to words that give you chills. Combine the power of deep feeling water + communication of air = you get beautifully crafted words such as Amanda Gorman.

My Gemini astrology teachers Debra Silverman & Sara Elise are so loaded with great content and beautifully crafted words that illustrate astrology archetypes so well.

Gemini is the friend you want to go to brunch with. At one point all my closest friends were Geminis! Picture shown below on my birthday a few years ago. Let me tell you the dude in this photo was a bit uncomfortable that night with the direction of the TMI!

Russell Brand a famous Gemini now more than a comedian, a recovering addict, spiritual meditator, author, podcast & youtube host. He packs so many words in one sentence! It is mind blowing how

many words he can roll off effortlessly.

Shailene Woodley is primarily water signs (totes not Gemini), but she speaks so poignantly of the harsh effects of air.

"I think that the worst things that anyone can ever experience in life, is being told something about themselves that’s not true. When you’re told something that you know in your heart isn’t true, about who you are, that is the most painful experience in the world because it means that the other person is hurting so badly, they don’t have the ability to take their blinders off to notice you, because they are too busy noticing their own pain. That’s something we all experience, but it’s painful on both sides of the equation."

Geminis can be so expressive, they can be fun for water signs to have around as they are so engaging to bring out that introverted nature of a water sign.

With the sun in Sagittarius, the moon is directly opposite in the sign of Gemini. Both signs are curious learners with Sagittarius being the long distance traveler & seeker, Gemini is the short distance traveler & learns from immediate surroundings.

This full moon is called the lucky moon as a positive aspect from Jupiter, the planet of expansion & optimism, will trine the moon.

In the spirit of Gemini, our mind + in search of truth, our perceptions limit us like the monkey that won't let go of the banana that creates the trap. It is only when we can see things from a different perspective, that we will be free.

We don't let go because it's all we know. We cling to familiarity for safety. It takes severe pain, known as rock bottom, to make us feel so uncomfortable to be open to other ways. In that slight willingness, the answers gradually appear. We are transported from feelings of victimhood toward tools for independent strength.

The transits to our chart give us the opportunities to learn & grow. In those challenges there are transformations. In those transformations, there are stories and release of shame. In those relatable, shared stories, there is connection.

Does this blog seem scattered with random photos and bursts of insight? Perfect for Gemini form!

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