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Full Moon Leo February 16, 2022

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Full moons, a time of cleansing. Mars & Venus will conjunct, adding to this passionate time surrounding Valentines Day.

Leo is ruled by the sun. This makes for a big full moon being illuminated by the sun in Aquarius. This one is called the "Snow" moon.

To best understand the energy of the archetype of Leo, think of it as representing the stage of life after you leave your home (after the sign of Cancer). This could be leaving for college, moving out of your parents house. The phrases "you just gotta get it out of your system", "you gotta find yourself" were all the buzz during this time among my friends.

This coming of age is a gradual process of putting yourself out in the world & wanting the world to love you back.

Being seen, the performance of Leo, is vulnerable. In that expression, we are subject to rejection & feedback. Some seemingly roll around in the comfort of external validation with confidence, while others hide in shyness from this fear.

Leo is the stage before Virgo, where we get into refining the details for improvement.

Those with strong Leo placement have the element energy of fire that pairs well with the introvert, drawn to the magnetism, who desires the spark.

Not too far from removed from the creativity of childlike play and not yet consumed by serious demands of life, there is freedom to try on ways of being that will ultimately lead the trajectory of their life forward with the willful conviction + determination this fixed sign offers.

My mom, with a signature laugh cackle of joy & spunky progressive determination, was born under a full moon in Leo. The following written by my sister best describes this smart witted energy.

Now my mother is a strong woman. She is half-German. She once let her chemist father burn off her wart with acid. She has raised five children and had her share of Boy Scouts, stitches, and curfew grievances. She said her easiest delivery was my baby brother who was 10 pounds 6 ounces. She doesn’t even use a spoon to stir the kool-aid. She just puts her hand over the top of the jar and shakes it like crazy until the juice cries “uncle.” She’s dealt with governors, judges, senators and—worst of all—the PTA. She has taught early-morning Seminary for 17 years! She ain’t afraid of nothin’. She is the bit in my Dad’s bridle and while he chomps away, she tells him where they are gonna go.

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