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Full Moon Libra April 16, 2022

Sun☀️in Aries ⬅️➡️ Moon 🌝 in Libra creating a full moon. ✨

Libra ruled by Venus 👸 wants to be wanted.

Aries rules by Mars wants to want. 🧛‍♀️

The first opposition of the zodiac. ⚡

Libra is all about peace balance & justice! ✨Aries is the warrior. 🤺

The irony that the want has been known to cause wars. 🤔

+ T-square to Pluto adding some intensity. When things get dark just observe & say isn’t that interesting. 💭

+ can’t ignore what Pisces bringing in with 4 planets. Did someone say compassion! 💖 or maybe they just ordered a large escape. 🕳

+ not to mention the dancing in the sky with the Lyrid showers. 🕺💃

Peace love & light! ✨

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