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Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. November 19, 2021.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Repetition, routines, represent stability with needs being met = safety & security.

Circular, cyclical, rotational, orbital patterns are the way of life = energy.

Each night we dream & awake as if we entered another world. We forget who we are in the depth of our sleep.

It's almost as if the answers to life are right in front of us, like a trick question. There are patterns, common movements, themes, all around to tell us the meaning.

The moon is a constant, reliable, predictable, scientifically calculated movement that we know we can rely on. We know where & when it will be & where it has been based on measurements of degrees. The moon relates to humans as it mirrors women's cycles, which ultimately creates birth. It controls the tide, that ultimately dislodged the cargo ship. A yin & yang. Karma. Law of attraction. Rejuvenation, cleansing. Beginnings & endings. Death & rebirth. Sun rises, sun sets, morning/night. The seasons as we enter winter. + so many more! A constant, endless movement of energy. Each day we go through the elemental stages of water-air-earth-fire until we sleep, dissolve into dreams, wake up & do it again.

The stability that repetition offers is favored by the Taurus. This is why Taurus is associated with fixed energy, steadiness, comfort, resources & the value those things bring to our life. The moon is exalted in Taurus as it nourishes a comfortable, grounded, emotional steadiness.

I recently attended an incredible webinar with astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo. She talks about spiritual hygiene or psychic hygiene, remembering when you enter & exit a space to be intentional & present, being able to be aware when the energy you feel is not your own. During this full moon, try a grounding technique she recommends. If absorbing bad vibes, find a quiet place, say your name three times out loud in your head as a way to call your energy back to you. It's about finding yourself in the mud, remember who you are, just because the mud is on you, doesn't mean you are the mud.

Peace, love & light on this full moon lunar eclipse.

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