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Full Moon Scorpio, May 15, 2022

Updated: May 14, 2022

Lunar eclipse - flower moon

May 15, 2022 it a Lunar eclipse - flower moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus. ✨ Life happens for you, not to you. This is a phrase I didn't understand when I first heard it. I spent so much of my life on alert to defend myself with only validation to soothe it, having Mars in Cancer. Here I am post Uranus opposition transit, now feeling the gratitude of what if feels like to not be a victim of life. There's a Jungian theory that what you see in others is a reflection of what you see in yourself, the shadow self. ⚫️ That what irritates you in others is what you don't like about yourself. It’s called projection.🪞While I think it can be telling when we are curious about the feelings others bring up, as how we view others is a reflection of our own make up, yet there are times when others are just not an energetic match with our values. ⚡️The value of not treating others in ways that have hurt you. The value of allowing others to live their own journey and unique expression because I know what if feels like to have that stifled, controlled and judged. It is interesting to see how certain qualities in a person do or do not jive with others, and that is the never-ending fascination of psychology. 💭 The Buddha 🪷 was born during a Taurus sun/Scorpio moon. The same full moon aspect occurring during this full moon. 🌕 This would suggest someone with this configuration would be attached to items and want control. 👊 Perhaps the Buddha recognized this tendency in himself so much that it lead to the desire of non-attachment and surrender. 😌 I went to a shaman a few weeks ago. One of the takeaways was when feeling uncomfortable thoughts, to pause and say "isn't that interesting..." 🤔 Scorpio and Taurus opposition is the axis of security. 🔐 Taurus searches for tangible security while Scorpio is looking for emotional security. The way to get to the root of what the uncomfortable and painful experiences can show you, is to release the grip. 🤜 The fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio are with determination. The grip seemingly makes us feel safe. Ultimately it is faith that you are taken care of to release the grip and know you will not flail. 🍃 The surrender is to allow the truth to surface where it may and in doing so you are lead to things you didn't even know existed. All because you became open while looking for relief from pain. I call it the lean in. My therapist calls it intrigue. It's a built in navigation system. 📍 The midlife transits push us in these directions where we can ultimately come out of it to be the healer for others. ✨

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