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New Moon in Cancer. June 28, 2022 ✨

With the sun ☀️ in Cancer ♋️ and the moon 🌙 in Cancer 🦀 it's a dark sky of a new moon. 🌚

A reflection on nurture. 👩‍👦

The Sign of Cancer represents home 🏡 and security 🔒 the stage of life in how we belong to a family unit 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 which forms a sense of belonging that is essential for survival. 👊

Some are hurting in this area as families are in conflict. 😤The divide has gone straight down the family line. ➗ There are things happening in families that are new feelings. Things we didn't think we'd ever have to feel, but are now in the position to process. 🫣

It is subconscious and layered to dissect the psychological state. 🖤 It is counter intuitive that hurt people 😢 hurt people. 🥊 That perhaps those most like you are those you have difficultly getting a long with. 🤔 The balance of opposites. ⬅️➡️ The way projection 🪩 gets a hold of you and the touché of humility when it's coming back at you. ♻️

None of this can be rushed or forced before it's time. It's a tender reflection surfaced in moments of insight as we gaze. ✨ For those concerned of others struggling that has caused disconnection, allow the process, the transit, with faith the universe will take care of it for generational healing. It is only you and your energy that you have control of. Manifest the way you want to feel during this new moon. ✨

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