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New Moon in Leo. July 28, 2022.

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

New Moon in Leo. July 28, 2022. ⚫️✨

Leo represents showing the world your creativity. 🦁

The first four stages of life prepare you for this. They create physical security 💪 to keep your body alive, (Aries & Taurus). Knowledge of language 🗣 to navigate the world, (Gemini). Emotional security 🧸 and a sense of belonging, (Cancer).

In Leo, during this tender time of being seen on the figurative stage, 🕺 we try on trends and personalities to see what best represents our authentic self. In doing so we measure the applause. 👏

I think we are all haunted by cringy memories where we wish we could get a do-over or where something didn't land well. 🤦‍♀️ Virgo gets into refinement. 🧼

I remember in 8th grade, I wanted to run for student council secretary. A friend helped me create posters saying: Vote for Wing! Then I got in my head about it, 🤯 I backed out, thinking what am I doing, who am I? 😱

Leo energy can help us overcome the apprehension or the opposite affect, it can have us crippling shy in fear of rejection. 😳

The classic "look, Mom!" As we do a flip from the diving board. 🤸‍♂️If received well, gives us the security we need to do more. 🏄‍♀️

Me creating this graphic and writing this caption, and waiting for positive feedback.

Leos are ultimately lovers of love. 🥰 Passionate, fire sign that seemingly exude confidence. Ruled by the sun, ☀️ it shines so bright, you may not be able to see the real fragility of the person aside from their star quality. The classic movie star. 🤩

This new moon trines Jupiter, expanding the energy. Uncertainty can feel uncomfortable with Mercury square Uranus. This energy can be useful to indulge in your creative outlets that have been calling your name. ✨🕺👩‍🎤🎨🎹🎻🎭🎸🎤🎬

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