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New Moon Pisces March 2, 2022

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The lean in, what resonates, what intrigues you, what do you like to roll around in, what do you know that can't be explained? This gets into the Pisces, Neptunian energy.

The Sun & Moon will be in Pisces, creating a New Moon. During a New Moon, the sky is dark. A time to set intention for how you want to feel.

Neptune & Jupiter are also hanging out in Pisces. That’s 4 planets in Pisces! adding to this sensitive, absorbing, water energy.

+ Mars, Venus & Pluto are together in Capricorn

+ Mercury & Saturn together in Aquarius

I'm reading the new Gabby Bernstein book, Happy Days. My dive into Gabby Bernstein's work started during my Neptune square transit.

This is transit that happens for everyone around the age of 38-43. It's when we take a spiritual inventory of our lives. With the question of how much pain & discomfort are you going to take before you are willing to seek inspiration + higher meaning.

It starts with a wonder, an inquiry then leads to a book, a teacher, a class, a podcast, a video, that slowly, subtly brings us more towards support of our own understanding.

The portal is found in the lean in toward what intrigues & sparks your interest. There you will uncover more & more of what you already know.

There are those that don't like the mysticism, they live more in the scientifically proven. To this I say there is a lot of fun when you allow yourself to entertain the thoughts. Says the girl in the 90's that had a sticker on the back of her Mustang 5.0 that said PSYCHEDELIC STATE.

Sometimes this lean in starts with escapism. If you have a lot of Pisces placements in your chart, you may have dabbled in the trippy, hazy, dreamy mystical fun of this energy.

There is a lot of talk about psychedelics to treat depression. A different perspective could be what assists to break the mental loops.

My favorite shows are the ones that illustrate this trip that takes you from ordinary to alternate.

The trick is to not get lost in the addiction of the escape, but to feel your way through it.

Homer eats a dangerous chili grown by Guatemalan psychiatric patients and embarks on a hallucinogenic trip through the deepest recesses of his mind, led by a talking coyote.

Homer Cubed. Desperate to avoid his wife's sisters, he looks behind a bookcase and enters a mysterious new world in which everything is in 3D. Homer explores the peculiar area, and finds that he is trapped within, only his voice can be heard to Marge and the others.

What does Pisces represent for you?

Have you been through your Neptune square transit, what did you learn?

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