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New Moon Sagittarius, December 4, 2021

There's been a lot of talk about Britney Spears lately. Guess who has 4 planets in Sagittarius? yep! If you follow her on Instagram, you will see the blunt, freedom seeking spirit. As she has philosophically grown through the transits to her chart, combined with her Aquarius moon, she does not care what you think.

In Debra Silverman's school of astrology, they ask each of us 'what is one thing you'd like to change about yourself?' We look at our charts to see what signatures of energy may be contributing to it, in order to give yourself permission & self acceptance.

Some people say they'd change their shyness, their inability to be vulnerable, their scattered brain. A common theme in my life is feeling misunderstood & weird, & in those feelings there is isolation, but at the same time I appreciate weirdness in others & want to give back the gift of acceptance, which is one reason I study astrology. We all have permission to be our unique selves!

The reality is that I get to be a person taking up space, trying to survive imperfectly in this world too! I can only offer what I know at the time & allowed to reflect later to learn just like everyone else + worthy of forgiveness because not everyone means everything they say anyway. So in short, everyone can kiss my ass, says the spirit of Sagittarius!

Sag energy is enthusiastic, blunt, the truth seeker, the eternal optimist. It's indulgent, impatient & pushy. It's the gypsy, the philosopher, the traveler. But even fire can people feel sensitive sometimes too & need their space. They need their freedom!

Quotes from my Sagittarius rising friend:

You look at life just like animals do, they just live, they don’t worry. There’s no reason to stress over anything.

No one’s going to know you’re there unless you let yourself be known. You open your mouth, like I never close mine, opportunities come.

You don’t like me, it’s cause you wish you were me.

Life has a way of humbling you real quick.

We don’t know the future, all we do is take is day by day. Every moment is gone forever. You live in a moment.

If you try then you’re a winner, no matter what it is. They didn’t fail, they tried. They are a winner if they tried.

Live your truth!

The Sagittarius says every day is Thanksgiving!

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