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New Moon Gemini, May 30, 2022

Updated: May 29, 2022

✨Connection + curiosity is the way of a Gemini. 🤔

You know & love your local Gemini, the way they flip from subject to subject 🙃 & can’t beat them to the latest news. 🧐 As I type this I get a YouTube notification for Russell Brand. I mean can you recover if you miss one sentence from this guy. 😉

I wrote a Gemini blog + post for the full moon December 2021, check it for more Gemini deets. 📋

Other aspects in the sky? 🌠 The inquisitive Gemini asks. 🤔

• The moon & Mercury square ⏹ Saturn 🪐 causing delays. ⏰

• Intensity with relationships with Pluto ⚫️ square Venus.

• Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries, amplifying assertive energy.

• Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is in retrograde ⬅️ til Friday, June 3.

• Saturn will go retrograde on June 5 til Oct. 23. ✨

So go hug your local 🤗 get it ‘local’, which is very Gemini. ☕️ Appreciate all that quality of air 💨 element they have to offer, roll around in the fun 🥳 knowing that Mercury will go direct on Friday. 🕺

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